Sea Ya Turks n Caicos

IMG_4066:4:22:2014 IMG_4068:4:22:2014 IMG_4083:4:22:2014 IMG_4034:4:22:2014 IMG_4039:4:22:2014 IMG_4088:4:22:2014 IMG_4062:4:22:2014 IMG_4038:4:22:2014 IMG_4047:4:22:2014 IMG_4075:4:22:2014 IMG_4032:4:22:2014Casting the lines today for a jaunt up into the Bahamas.. likely 250 miles if all goes well =(about a mac race and a bit)
Snowman tells me the sails will mostly stayed furled as the wind is next to zippo.. which is sad, but better than the crazy winds earlier this week.. Never satisfied eh!
Thanks to Mr. Tracy, we have a new electric lift pump on the starboard engine.. the one remaining gremlin since we bought the boat is now solved..
We thought it was a small air leak into the diesel feed for about 2 months…but we got her now! Always electrical Timbo… remember that! 🙂
Love people showing up from the states with presents!!

Allie finally got her bon fire… by the end of the night we had 2 or 3 pallets on it and a bag of marshmallows in our belly’s.
Note: Palm tree branch’s work excellent for fire sticks!

Allie’s school project required some minor trespassing on the penthouse of the resort (for educational pics of course)…. nice place eh!

AIS will show us leaving tonight, and arriving on Thursday, but likely not much in between.

Should be heading out just before sunset…. cya on the other side!

Have a Great Day!

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