Robins Back

Just a little update on Robins Back injury….

As you may recall back in St. Thomas she pulled her back in a bad way, lifting the anchor..   
Well not really lifting it.. we have a windlass (electric winch) but as most injuries go, she found herself in a bad position and herniated a disc..S1 in her lower back.
Waiting a few days didn’t really help.. In St. Maartin she only went the wrong direction and found herself in extreme pain.
Off to Physio specialists which we so must thank Elco and his mom for picking us up and making this happen.
The specialist determined most likely what the problem was, but had no cure..    it was too deep in her back to work on.
His only advice was bed rest..  complete bed rest..  don’t leave the boat..  Stay off your feet and PRAY..  no kidding..
St. Maartin has the best of the best for technology, so we decided to get an MRI and determine 100% what the issue is….
From this…. a recommendation was made from the local Physio guys..
Pull the boat..  get on a plane..  go to Canada  Get surgery and Pray…
Well.. not exactly what we wanted to do..  so a second opinion…  the local doctor..
He also agreed surgery was the only option..  and do it now…
Damn..  ok.. so back to the MRI office..  There we met a young doctor who took us back into the scanning room.
There many huge computer screens showed Robin’s back in 3-D detail..  
Telling this doctor our 2 opinions, his jaw dropped in shock..
No…  this definitely does NOT require surgery..   It’s an injury caused form a movement much like swinging a golf club.. 
(ya.. or pulling a rope eh!)  I like this guy already…
OK..  uploading the MRI to our website … we sent the high res pics off to Sarnia to Robins Physio guy there…  for a 4th opinion..
Surgery ???   No … this doesn’t look like that to me at all..  Of course Im 2000 miles away and can’t give you official advice without seeing you in person.. but go on youtube and search:
Mckenzie technique
Im not going to over exaggerate this.. but 3 days later she was a different person..  a week later it was almost gone.. and today she is 99% perfect…   what a change!!!!
If you have back issues in the same place as Robin…. here’s the youtube solution  :
You can find Robin laying on a blow up ball most mornings, insuring it stays this way..
Well back to the pool!
Have a Great Day!

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