No one Scam’s Timbo – For everything anyway!!

Interesting day in Ol’ San Juan… Having a little snack, we ran into our friend Luigi again and his family… What a small island eh? (Only 4 million people!)

We went on a walk with them and their dog ROVER? for an hour or so seeing all the local sights.. very fun!
Security guards don’t allow dogs in some tourist areas…
Luigi said something in Spanish under his breath as he picked up the dog.. too funny..
A block down the street he put the dog back down, and instantly security came running from all directions blowing their whistles!!!
I had to pick the dog up quickly, or he was going to jail (Luigi or the dog we don’t know)!!! ha!!!
Serious offenders down here eh!

Saying our goodbyes, we headed to the bus station for the $.50 bus ride back to the marina…

We picked the first bus available and stood in line to enter.. Just as we step up to get on the bus a guy behind us asks
“Hello there…Hey…. are you new here?, Do you need any help with anything?”As I gazed into his eyes a HUGE SMILE came on my face!!!!
Timbo: “WHY YES YOU CAN!!!”

Here’s where I have to backup… to SEPTEMBER when my parents were down

We were walking around ol’ San Juan when a guy approached us…
Scammer: “Hey do you speak english?? Thankgod.. watch out in this place.. I was just walking with my dad and he was mugged.. Cops wouldn’t do anything.. we are just here on vacation…
They took him to the hospital, he’s really beat up… They wouldn’t let me ride in the ambulance.. The thugs took my wallet… would you have $7.00 for a cab for me?? I can mail it back to you… etc etc”

Of course my Dad had cash out instantly to help out this poor dude.. when another person came up “Don’t give him any money, he’s a scammer’
When we looked back to the guy he was gone…with the money… Instantly..

where we have no idea??? ….BUT I KNOW WHERE HE IS NOW…. STANDING BEHIND TIMBO ON THE BUS!!!! YESSSS!!!!!!!!

Timbo: ” Hey!!! Yes, I do need some help… I’m really really wondering how your dad is? Remember he was beat up back last year… we gave you money to go see him”

The scammer took 4 giant steps up the bus in one quick motion and as he was running to the back of the bus he yelled back “He passed away!”
ya… sure he did brother….

Laughing we had finally found him (trust me I look every time I go to town)… The bus stopped just a couple blocks from where it started…
The scammer got up and ran to the side door … to run away…
Timbo standing and yelling back to him: “Sorry to hear about your dad!!!” as he quickly escaped from the bus and down an alley…

So… I figure I got $.50 back from him… no chance he was riding a bus 2 blocks…

 🙂 LOVE IT!!!!Cops bought a few Harleys down here now… I really need to chat with them about that… I can’t imagine it’s working out too well…
They normally have Honda’s or the such… liquid cooled…

I know when we brought our Harleys here a few years ago (On a cruise ship!!!), they overheated everywhere..  (Thats another story!!!)
Too many hills and not enough cooling for the air cooled engine…We were invited to dinner at Zev’s Sisters house.. beautiful place!!! Great job restoring the place Hunter!!!!
Food was plentiful and awesome!!!  Caribbean style pork!… no one starving on Island Dancer lately!!!!

We are working at the Hilton again today, no one showed up for Bingo, so we won all the prizes by default (3 x $8.00 drink coupons!)
The girl that runs the bingo really likes Allie so we generally win something everyday!! ha!!!

Looks like the trip to Turks and Caicos may be delayed a bit by weather.. So we are hunkering down here ‘Roughing it’

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

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