George This Is Your Town

IMG_4136:4:24:2014 IMG_0456:4:24:2014 IMG_0466:4:24:2014 P1020985:4:24:2014 P1020984:4:24:2014 P1020978:4:24:2014 IMG_0460:4:24:2014 P1020990:4:24:2014 P1020994:4:24:2014 P1020999:4:24:2014 P1030002:4:24:2014 IMG_0444:4:24:2014Made it to George Town Exumas, which is part of the Bahamas..
funny just a few weeks ago, I was walking down the dock in the BVI’s and Georgie asked me..
Hey Timbo.. that boat’s from George Town… where’s that…???
Hummmm well we best crack open the Atlas and go check it out!!!

Caught a pretty nice fish on the way over.. Just pulled the line in to clean some seaweed off of her..
Relaunched.. and GPS said time to Turn Timbo… So doing a swift turn around Crooked Island, the Fishing line tooook off man.
We measured the Mahi Mahi at 3.5 Feet.. Allie was still asleep so we were able to keep this one…
Robin took charge and in minutes the filets were in the fridge waiting for dinner

All sunsets and Sunrises were beautiful.. hard to tell them apart!
At around 3am the moon would rise, not to be left out.. with a spectacular show for the the late night crew shift!

Finding our way into this anchorage was interesting.. Robin and Allie on the bow with a portable VHF… while Timbo creeped her in..
Didn’t hit a thing.. nice being a totally unmarked channel with coral heads everywhere! GPS co-ordinates from Snowman helped a lot!

Time to drop the dingy and explore this place!
oh ya.. and pay our $300 cruising permit… do ooh! Maybe I can sell that FISH!

Have a Great Day!


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