Exumas Exploring

Had some fun in GeorgeTown during their annual Regatta.. Luck be had, we showed up for day 1 of the races..
The locals are allowed to build temporary shed’s on the beach to make restaurants and bars for the weekend event.. they all have to be removed by the following Wednesday.

So.. lots of action in town this weekend… the racing was really neat, we anchored in turn 3 of Daytona!! They would come flying at us and tack at the last second.. loved it!
The cruisers have a neat system here.. a pickup truck takes you to a butcher (4 miles away) 3 times a week… The food we bought there was beyond excellent…
(If you’ve been in the Caribbean you know this is hard to find!) Frozen Chicken “parts” are a common item we buy.. it’s just the way it is here.Heading up the Exumas we pulled into a random spot called Rudder Cut.. We had no idea what was there other than some shelter for the night..
Being the only boat, we found a nice spot near a huge cave.. and a nice beach! Love this place…
A boat on the AIS was ‘following’ us all day… soon enough they peaked around the corner and anchored with us..
Then another boat showed up… and we knew them from San Juan… small world eh! Sundowners on their boat were welcomed!Eventually a Cat came around the corner with a lot of screaming or yelling go on… or is that laughing??
Looking a bit closer, someone is up the mast, underway? It ends up being a family from Australia (does that explain it?)
They bought the boat in France and are sailing it back, taking an extra year in the Caribbean 🙂
Their son is up the mast just hang around having fun.. I’d suggest a 2nd safety line, but otherwise he was having fun and seems to be up there all the time…
Later that night his Dad cranked him up again just for a swing..
We soon were introduced and they suggested we shouldn’t miss a pretty cool treasure in the next bay…
We Kayaked and SUP’d over to find a sunken “Piano” in about 15′ of water.
Rumour is David Copperfield placed it there (why I can’t tell you, someone research that for me)… but it’s very cool!
This is our favourite spot in the Exumas so far (of the 2 places we have been ha!).. the caves are pretty crazy..
Having a blast down here…
Hope you are having a Great Day!Timbo

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