Bock Bock Lives

GOOD NEWS….  We we’re SURE Bock Bock was dead…  he hasn’t been seen in months..
Bock Bock is a chicken that sits on the carport gate at a hotel we walk past each day on the way to the grocery store Padros…

Also on the way to the grocery store is the best pizza joint in the world..   Luigi is a good friend of ours that is the head chef…
We often stop in to say howdy, and he stops what ever he is doing to come out and fist punch us (must keep his hands sanitary eh)
Well his one day off was yesterday and Kelly and Luigi came out to Island Dancer for dinner!   Great time!
We drove them back to Old San Juan with the dingy at the end of the night…  and thats when the US Coast Guard approached us…  hummmmm
Big Big Spot lights…  and crew on deck….
USCOAST GUARD:  “Sir, do you know you are supposed to have a life jacket for each and every person onboard?  I’m NOT asking if you have these”
TIMBO “Thanks for not asking!… Im from Canada eh”

USCOAST GUARD: “Sir, where is your light?”
TIMBO “What?”

USCOAST GUARD: “Sir, where is your light?”
TIMBO “Sorry Im from Canada eh?”

USCOAST GUARD: “You have to have a light to navigate at night..  what are your intentions”
TIMBO “To get back to my boat from Canada! without causing any trouble!”

TIMBO “Do you have a light I can borrow?”

USCOAST GUARD: “No, but thats ok… we will escort you back…  have a nice night”

A HUGE ship followed Timbo’s little dingy all the way back to Island Dancer..   When we pulled up they came on deck and waved goodbye..
Great guys doing a Great Job!!   Ya Ya, I’ll get a flashlight!!!

Working on the high speed internet at Allie’s Work today (Hilton)…   we snuck in the back gate..playing bingo while Robin works…
I understand the grand prize is a beer at the swim up bar!!!
BINGO!!!!   Robin just WON!!! Whoooo hoo !!!!

Have a Great Day

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