10 mile Bike Ride – Kayak Through Mangroves – Drink Beer

Turks and Caicos Marathon was pretty awesome! Rather than do the complete event in one day we broke it up…
The resort let you use their beach bikes.. no locks required..
quote from front desk “This be da Islan’s mon.. no need to loc dem up, you be fine… If not, we hav your credit card” 🙂

Rode 1/2 across the island.. you can’t really go much further as you hit the Highway.. (much like London road in Sarnia)..
and bike riding there we were told was “crazy”.. (of course we tried it.. a short distance to Mis Amigo’s!”
High scores from the crew on the Mexican dish’s.. Our new friend Dervent treated us to the great food.. very very friendly people here!
I am now qualified to do the most famous Caicos handshake.. took about 5 tries but Dervent wouldn’t give up on Timbo until I had it.. 🙂
You can go into every resort except Sandals? and use their beach/pool… so lots of exploring still to do…
Hopefully that doesn’t include too much shopping in town.. this is the Grand Bend of the Caribbean!

LAUNCH THE KAYAK!!! Trails in the mangroves are all over the national park we are moored beside.. an outfit called Big Blue sends people out all day…
They charge around $75 to do the tour.. so with our NEW KAYAK we had to check it out!
Marathon was almost over.. only thing left was the Turks Head Beer drinking contest..

Our friends from Denver (formally Sarnia) will be here later today (Gerry and Cindy)… will be fun to explore the island with them the next few days.

Mr. Weatherman aka Snowman, is hinting we will be “stuck” here a few days.. some strong winds are on their way… North of 40 knots.. and perhaps stronger?
Tied up the boat pretty well.. we will lash down the floating toys tomorrow and sea what happens!

Have a Great Day!

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