Welcome to Puerto Rico!!!

Another Hollywood passing as my buddy Bill Butler would say!.. Following winds and Sea, making a very enjoyable sail… At one point I was sure we were sitting on a couch watching a sailing movie..

As night approached the cruise ships came out.. We have a new AIS (automated information system) installed which broadcasts our position to all vessels in the area, including our heading, speed, boat type (sail so get out of the way)… its pretty handy… Here’s a sample…
First pic is view out the cockpit.. I watched the lights on the cruise ship (small dot) for a few minutes and convinced myself I needed to turn left (port) to avoid him. Switching the nav screen on the ipad to the new AIS system (see second pic)… oops… hold your course Timbo… he’s already adjusted his.. and there’s nothing to do… soooo cool!.. info shows ship name is Westerdam.. it’s going 15.6 knots! and we will pass each other with 1.88 miles of clearance in 11.45 minutes..
And third pic is the boat going by… This happened many times through the night, with big power boats approaching from behind, etc.. really cool!
We pulled into San Juan ahead of schedule… 5:30 am.. still a bit dark, but we know this harbour well..
Anchor down to watch the sunrise over a coffee!..
The only event of the trip that was not planned or enjoyable was spilling my coffee around 2am..
It spilled on me, the cockpit floor, the cockpit cushions.. the LAPTOP.. the iPAD.. The Ships Log… OMG… crazy… Laptop won’t turn on… that can’t be good eh? So pics on Kozyboat will be a little lacking the next bit until I get that resolved.. perhaps Robin’s business needs a new laptop? :)Loving San Juan… we dingy’d to shore and yelled “Good Morning Mcgill” a friend we have that is always reading the paper in the same place each morning.. He was super surprized to see us.. and in just a few minutes was driving us over to customs and immigration. Through some friendly chitchat with the customs official we were cleared in WITHOUT a boat inspection… I explained there was no dockage and I had 2 anchor’s down, so pulling the boat to the dock would be a bit of an issue.. no MEAT.. no Weapons.. No Pets.. He’s said “OK, I drop the inspection”…. Love this Place!!!Allie walked up to the scuba shack and resumed her job! She left via SUP board with a huge smile!

We are anchored beside Le Grande Blu… it has a 75′ sailboat on it’s deck… They are sooooo cheap they didn’t even apply bottom paint to it!!!! ha!!!

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