Re-Provisioning for trip North’ish

Weather window to head out should arrive later this week. The next leg will be the longest we have attempted so far, nothing crazy, about 3 days at sea to Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos..
If the weather kicks up along the way we have a couple pull over spots in the Dominican Republic.

Really enjoying ourselves here in Puerto Rico, we rented a car for 3 days to run around getting provisions (i.e.: bath and body works hand soaps! ha!)

Nice to have a ‘Port Supply’ card for West Marine.. we get a big discount on almost everything.
Some of the items we have been working on:
1) Replacing hailyards (lines that run up the mast)
2) Installing Jack Lines (a cable that runs the length of the boat.. you clip into this to go forward on the bow when out at sea.. if a big wave comes, you don’t get washed overboard.. cool eh)
3) Upgrading navigations software.. Downloading the maps at sea will be impossible.. using the high speed internet here while we can.
4) Additional safety gear.. we were a little light on flares, life ring, portable VHF radio etc.. now were ready.

Allie has been working at the scuba shack and of course loving it!

Catching up with old friends has been a blast! Including Pico our Boat Dog !!!!

Well, time to start storing all this provisioning “Stuff” we picked up at WALMART
Our onboard inventory spreadsheet is in need of a ‘review’

Over the last few months some items have gone missing….
Clearly the computer says we have OREO Cookies under Allie’s Bed… but having a look, there’s NONE!!!!
ha… so I guess it’s INVENTORY day… and restocking!!!


IMG_3792:3:30:2014 P1020306:3:30:2014 IMG_3810:3:30:2014 P1020319:3:30:2014 P1020289:3:30:2014 IMG_3790:3:30:2014 IMG_3778:3:30:2014 IMG_3757:3:30:2014 IMG_3770:3:30:2014 IMG_3781:3:30:2014 IMG_3780:3:30:2014 IMG_3785:3:30:2014 P1020314:3:30:2014 IMG_3809:3:30:2014 P1020310:3:30:2014 IMG_3761:3:30:2014 IMG_3784:3:30:2014 IMG_3782:3:30:2014 P1020281:3:30:2014 IMG_3800:3:30:2014 IMG_3783:3:30:2014 P1020309:3:30:2014 P1020305:3:30:2014 IMG_3769:3:30:2014 IMG_3802:3:30:2014 IMG_3811:3:30:2014 P1020287:3:30:2014 IMG_3773:3:30:2014 P1020288:3:30:2014 IMG_3763:3:30:2014 IMG_3777:3:30:2014 IMG_3789:3:30:2014

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