Hanging out with the Big Boys

Allie single handed Island Dancer down to Bitter End… Well we were all onboard, but my job was to run the iPod music machine..
She actually can sail the boat better than Mr. AutoVanHelm (the hydraulic autopilot)…
Timbo canNOT make that statement ha!!!

Bitter End is Land of the Rich..  today Robin is working beside the beach (on her laptop) at Bitter End Yacht Club, as we went for a hike around the island.

Now as I type this, we have a cooler full of bevie’s, made 15 sandwiches and are sitting on the beach for free…. with high speed internet..

I googled the price to stay here..  6 nights = $11,238  for a Queen bed single room.
Not including the 18% tip…  Nice place… 🙂
Hanging out with our more friends from Brights Grove and Toronto area this week…
Ryan Candy Sam Cheka Chris Georgie SheLa and of course LEXI!

Beautiful hikes, up and around the end of Virgin Gorda..
It appears Richard Branson is on Necker island…
A huge Black Private jet and Helicopter arrived… we’re waiting for the invite…
My buddy Zev in Puerto Rico has assured me many times it’s just fine to anchor out and dingy ashore to his place….. never met a Billionaire, shall we give it a go??

Something I’ve forgot to mention… Allie’s watch has an alarm set for 11am every day… none of us can figure out how to dis-able it… It has rung everyday since last August…
So…. we started a little game of “What are we doing at 11am”… its pretty funny.. you will see a couple pics in here of her watch and what we are doing…
I think she is going to start a website with a pic on the more eventful days… should be fun!

For School Allie is doing a Travel and Tourism credit… she made a website and is updating it when she has internet.. So far only St. Martin is partially done..
Take a coffee break from your cubical and have a look!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! Even the eel’s are dressed in Green!!!
Have a GREAT DAY!!!

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