Brights Grove Retreats (well half of them!!!)

But not until a 3rd day trip on Island Dancer Time! Great Great times with a ton of friends this week!

SUP fighting is the new sport.. Herb and Owen had a draw after many rounds!…

Even throwing each other off the boat at the end.. a few guts hurt bad today… not theirs.. ours… watching the action of these 2- two year olds… ha toooooo fun!!!
Trip across to the BATHS… love this place … in typical Wyrzykowski fashion the main route was abandon for a less travelled one.. some spots were swam across.. others rock climbing.. I’ve never seen the baths this way, very very very cool!
Great time had by all (an understatement!).. and some tears shed when they left for the airport… I think Annie is hiding in the bilge!!! So glad your clan decided to come to the BVI’s this year!
A new crew is here now (Lefebvre’s!!)… I’ve reloaded the film in the camera… so stay tuned for more action!!!
Have a Great Day!!!
TimboP1010918:3:16:2014 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA P1010919:3:16:2014 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA P1010922:3:16:2014 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA P1010836:3:16:2014 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA P1010840:3:16:2014 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA P1010828:3:16:2014 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA P1010826:3:16:2014 P1010839:3:16:2014 P1010861:3:16:2014 P1010865:3:16:2014 P1010897:3:16:2014 P1010914:3:16:2014 P1010910:3:16:2014 P1010859:3:16:2014 P1010908:3:16:2014 P1010916:3:16:2014 P1010863:3:16:2014 P1010895:3:16:2014 P1010866:3:16:2014 P1010890:3:16:2014 P1010785:3:16:2014 P1010791:3:16:2014 P1010768:3:16:2014 P1010788:3:16:2014 P1010769:3:16:2014 P1010792:3:16:2014 P1010765:3:16:2014 P1010800:3:16:2014 P1010813:3:16:2014 P1010815:3:16:2014 P1010809:3:16:2014 P1010810:3:16:2014 P1010762:3:16:2014 P1010776:3:16:2014 P1010703:3:16:2014 IMG_3577:3:16:2014 P1010679:3:16:2014 P1010702:3:16:2014 P1010741:3:16:2014 P1010743:3:16:2014 P1010706:3:16:2014 P1010710:3:16:2014 IMG_3572:3:16:2014 P1010754:3:16:2014 IMG_3573:3:16:2014 P1010742:3:16:2014 P1010744:3:16:2014 P1010760:3:16:2014 P1010726:3:16:2014 IMG_3548:3:16:2014 P1010734:3:16:2014 P1010728:3:16:2014 P1010707:3:16:2014 P1010748:3:16:2014 P1010758:3:16:2014 IMG_3553:3:16:2014 P1010772:3:16:2014 IMG_3578:3:16:2014 P1010770:3:16:2014

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