Beachin It

Another FUN day heading to a beach over on Jost Van Dyke (White Bay), and a hike to the (not so) Bubbly Pool!!!  ha!  Our friends are really getting a tour of this place… and we love to be apart of it!

Impossible not to have a blast with this crew… Sure will miss them when they are back to the SNOW next week… Ouch! I wasn’t supposed to say that!
Georgie had a Great birthday as you may be able to tell… ha!
Kids came up with the old Log Rolling Game using the SUP… Curtis won the whole thing! Need a stock of trophies on board for this stuff!
Beautiful night back to Cane Garden Bay for some relaxing on shore with Good Friends and some local entertainment at Quitos!
Adding another boat to the fun later today, more friends from Canada arrived! …  But for now I Best get going and put on some sunscreen.. getting a burn at 8am… 🙂

Have a Great Day!

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