Timbo’s Birthday

Had an awesome Birthday this week! Waking up to Island Dancer decorated with red solo cups! Allie was up much of the night decorating!!
Timbo opened up a very cool present.. an official ISLAND DANCER Shirt!!! wow.. we ‘look’ professional now!!!

Tough man stickers were applied to the crew… Allie is head tattoo artist on board if anyone is interested…

Thought long and hard for a plan for the day when we came up with “No plan, just go”…
We started off in a small lagoon surrounded by a golf course.. our sources indicated a small dock would be available to tie up the dingy… Hummm.. need new sources!!!
We had an up-close look of the driving range.. Are we dressed in clown suites or something.. a few balls almost landed in the dingy!!!

Up on plane, we pulled into the next harbour and locked up the dingy for the day with our 400 lb chain and fort knox lock..
Today we were smart enough to bring an extra key, ‘WHEN’ the key is lost one day, we certainly will have an interesting story getting the floating car home!

Crew was grumbling of starvation, so two choices.. into an expensive restaurant, or… Grocery store..
Hot meatloaf, rice and beans was a hit… taking over a patio at a closed restaurant made a spectacular $4 meal !!! Good start to the day!

Walking out onto the road, to figure out a ride to town, a local bus pulled up… Great timing!! $1.50 each and we landed in Simpsons bay..
Meandering the beach, we found several interesting establishments to insure the thirst of the crew maintained in-check.

Back to the main road, looking for ride further up the coast of the island… 10 seconds into the wait a taxi pulls up… no thanks.. they charge $10 a head..
35 seconds into the wait a bus pulls up… $2.00 to get us up the coast, across the mountain, and into the next beach town.

Round of licence plates later, we found ourselves being directed by Allie to the local Gelato stand…
Swimming in the ocean was a hit…and a nice refreshment from the hot hot sun…

After a fun beach day, tackie shirts were bought to insure we are camouflaged in tourist attire..
Bus wait was 15 seconds… and pointed towards “Curry in a Hurry” for dinner

Fabulous dinner… and before long we were back on Island Dancer for movie night!!!

Another great day…. hope your’s was as well!


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