Sitting on Island dancer you can see Holland in the distance..   We are currently in France….
Timbo heard a snicker from one of the crew when he suggested a paddle board ride to Holland didn’t look too hard…..
LAUNCH THE BOARDS!!!   As Timbo and Allie setoff to the great Horizon..  Challenge..  board the Pink Tugboat in Holland and secure a margarita.
I think this was the most fun I’ve ever had on the boards..  We stopped at a small island half way across to investigate a ‘friendly’ dog barking on the second deck of an abandoned boat..
(We later found out his owner lives on the boat.. hummmm)
Continuing on our way, the whitecaps begun..   that indicates approximately 15 knots of wind..  Timbo and Allie dig in, making good progress to the Pink Tug…
For a couple months in San Juan we paddled across a large lagoon daily, so this ‘challenge’ by the weak crew was a bit of joke.. especially knowing the tug was open for business!..ha!
Soon enough we board the tug and find the owner very interested in our journey….  we explained the French have no idea how to make margaritas (a ploy to get in with the Dutch!)… it worked wonderful.
Many sea stories were shared between us, in an enjoyable hour about the pink panther tug…The owner is now a kozyboat fan!

Mr Parker has MASTERED the SUP Boards…  He can drink a beer and sit on the board without falling off!!   ha… actually he is doing really well even standing momentarily!!!

Boat Projects:

Good News:
Hurray!!! We have a starboard engine again.   New turbo installed and commissioned..  Transmission was disassembled and found reverse clutch was dust..  back together and installed!!

Bad? News:   Strolling across the deck of Island dancer.. a strange vibration..  then smoke alarms go off… WTH?   quickly entering the engine room, Timbo finds the generator is not happy..
Water pump pulley bearing let go..  coolant now in the bilge..  engine wants to be shutdown NOW…   ok ok…   Pulled off the pump and ordering a new one from the states (Need a Canadian Tire here)..  6660 hours on the motor..
If only it lasted 6 more hours we would have more of a story!

Crew Addition soon:
JESSI is in route Friday for Island Dancer…

Weather:   Hot… really Hot..   Sunny… really Sunny

Have a Great Day!

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