SleepOver On A TugBoat

Well what a WEEKEND!!!   Couple INTERESTING stories to say the least….
First off.. Robins back is SLIGHTLY better.. which is good..  we had an appointment with the physiotherapist and the doctor..  So…  Lets start with that….
1)  To get to the doctor, we dingy across the bay and leave the boat at a dock.. locked up…    Pulling up to the dock there is a HUGE barge, setting pilings….
Timbo meanders around the barge and docks the dingy where we always do..  Work stops on the barge and the workers come over to talk to Timbo..
You can’t park there..  We are moving the barge later today and we will sink your boat..     Hummmmm  ok…???  So where can I park…
There is a huge lift where a HUGE powerboat normally sits..  The boat has been moved out while the piling work is complete..
Timbo is instructed to drive through the empty lift and park on a dock there..
When complete,  Timbo gets approval of 2 thumbs up form the working crew..   Cool…
2) Over to the physio… then the doctor..   They don;t know exactly what is going on in Robins back, so rather than guess…  We are scheduled for an MRI on Tuesday on the French side of the island.
3)  Beach day!   Swimming, hot sand…  great times..  Dinner out with Brendan and Tracy…  all is GREAT!!!
4) Back to the dingy dock…   Hummm…  The power boat is back in it’s lift..   And the dingy is MOVED back to the normal docking spot.
Did I tell you I bought the BIGGEST chain and Lock in the world..  How the Hell did they move it???
Looking in the dingy the gas tank is gone…
Hummmm….   Walking over to the pink tug (See previous posts)..  I talk to my friend Carl…
Timbo: Hey Carl…
Carl: Hi Timbo
Timbo: Hey…  My dingy is moved…
Carl:  OMG Timbo…  your not a popular person here today…  The owner of the power boat is not too happy.. why the hell did you park your dingy in his LIFT???
Well…   Island Time for working on Pilings is certainly quicker than anything else on island!!!   They finished the job and the boats were moved back..
When the stories were exchanged, everyone was happy that it was just a misunderstanding..  They couldn’t understand why anyone would park their damn boat there…
ok…   lets get the tank and be on our way…
The Gas tank was locked up in a business and the only keys were on the other side of the island and not available until 8am the next morning.. and apparently for only for a 10-15 minutes..
R you kidding me?  We have no way to our boat?  Where will we stay?
So…  after running through some ideas…  Carl jumped up and said
Timbo.. your staying here on the boat..  I’ve got plenty of room
Robin, Allie and Jessi went back to Brendan and Tracy’s hotel room… while Timbo got a bunk captains room off the wheel house of a 110 year old Tub boat..
I can’t explain how nice this guy is to take me in…  He had nothing to do with the dingy, just owns a tug boat bar next door to it..
We stayed up exchanging stories well into the night until the last customer left..  Tours of the engine room were really cool..
I had the best nights sleep, really neat experience!!
The next morning the owner of the power boat showed up and apologized for the misunderstand..  and said he was really upset at the time.  He actually placed his lock on the dingy to make sure no one else took it..  So I guess that was nice..   ha     I still have no idea how he cut that chain!
Ended up being a really neat experience.. I’ve organized all the cruisers to go to the pink tug Monday night to put some business into Carl’s hands..
Should be FUN!
SATURDAY:  Brendan and Tracy left today…  Sad to see them go… they will be missed greatly!!!  Had a nice send off for them!
The cruisers here all go for a hike on Sundays…   We spent the entire day hiking through mountains.. A bus was hired to take up to the top of the highest mountain..and the plan was we would hike down…
The incorrect trail was selected.. so we ended up hiking down, then back up, then back down the correct trail..  I think we will be sleeping well tonight!
Have a Great Day

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