Overnight Sailing Passage to BVI

As my best Buddy “Bad Billy Butler” would say.. it was a Hollywood passage….
For some reason this passage is normally hairy to say the least.. we lucked out on some good weather…
Swell was not toooo bad, if you positioned the boat correctly.. We were wing/wing for a while but the boat was too Hobbie Horsie for Robinski…
Turning off course slightly Island Dancer settled in well… we left too early (11am), with the wind conditions we were going to show up at Round Rock passage in complete darkness.
So.. doing a zig… then a Zag.. we still showed up in COMPLETE darkness.. ha.. well it was 5:30 am.. when the heck does the sun come up around here!
A cruise ship decided it was time to run down Island Dancer, so we did an EXIT STAGE LEFT, and let them motor through.. the sun soon popped up and we arrived in the BVI’s !!!

The only surprise was around 2am.. I fishing boat? was coming straight at us.. we turned starboard.. he turned (his starboard).. were all good.. we will miss each other with plenty of room..
Off in the distance I see a VERY VERY FAINT red light.. hummm….. I hesitate turning back on course to have a better look… The fishing boat is a TUG… and a TUG PULLS a BARGE… MILES? behind him..
Could you just image running over the tow cable?? Now that would have been a story and a half… maybe half a TIMBO!!!
Nice they didn’t think to call on the VHF? just a thought??? ha!!!

Customs are still strangely super nice here in the BVI’s.. $10.00 to stay a month!

Nice 21 hour sail, without the sound of motors… Just the iPod Brendan left on board for 50,000 songs…. love it!!

Have a GREAT DAY!!!


P1000681:2:28:2014 P1000552:2:28:2014 P1000684:2:28:2014 P1000593:2:28:2014 P1000520:2:28:2014 P1000565:2:28:2014 P1000499:2:28:2014 P1000538:2:28:2014 P1000694:2:28:2014 P1000456:2:28:2014 P1000561:2:28:2014 P1000506:2:28:2014 P1000609:2:28:2014 P1000614:2:28:2014 P1000530:2:28:2014 P1000455:2:28:2014 P1000516:2:28:2014 P1000638:2:28:2014 P1000519:2:28:2014

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