Never go to the mall without Sunglasses

Took the girls over to the mall here in St. Martin the other day…   Parking in underground’ish, so we naturally left our sunglasses in the car…

The mall is all Glass..  you can see the ocean from every store… what a cool place!!!    And my buddy RUSTY is famous there..
They love him so much, many people were wearing his name on their hats and shirts…   should have brought some autographs!!
Hike this week was only 3 hours long.. we took the short one to make it back to watch the Daytona 500..  (which was rain delayed 7 hours!).. Go Jr!!!
(Side Note:  1 yr ago we watched the Daytona 500 from our hotel room in Barbados while looking at Island Dancer in the harbour for the very first time!)
Some great views along the coastal hike…  it ended at a french fry truck that sold cold beer…  now thats a HIKE!
(Girls decided just hiking the cliffs wasn’t enough exercise, so picked up some rocks to carry along the way.. later painted them for artwork on the boat… more BALLAST!!!
The cruisers love the Pink Tug…  They organized a party Monday, which was Jessi’s going away and Robins Birthday!
Jessi didn’t get to partake in the party, as her flight left just as it was starting… but we had some fun with her the last few hours on the island!
(Airplane beach, and the staple TACO MACHO)
Mom was all tears, so it was good to have a big party to go to…
We made it a pot luck type deal, using the BBQ with our own food and buying beers and drinks from Carl on the tug..  great night with 52 people!!!
They made a Rum Cake for Robin and brought a crapload of candles…  so many nice people down here!, and from every corner of the earth!
(Allie made $50 making bracelets on people!)
Jessi made it back to the snow of University of Maine..   We all miss her too much..  When will she be back??
Its going to be hard to leave St. Martin…the longer you are here, the more you LOVE it  (We are starting to call it home!)…..  but the time has come…
Looks like Thursday will be ‘pull the anchor day’ and set the sails for a trade wind ride back towards the BVI’s…
Some friends are in Anguilla, so we may make a pit stop there!  But we also have some friends on Day Dream Believer that are leaving this weekend, so may head straight there (BVI)..  won’t know until it happens!
Have a Great Day!

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