Max Prop = Max Issue?

Well well well… I’ve been chasing the starboard engine issue (low rpm) for a few weeks now..

FOUND IT..   threw on the scuba tank this afternoon and went downstairs to have a better look…
The pitch of the blades is supposed to be 23 degrees..  The motor that won’t rev up is at 45?
2 Degrees of change of the pitch, changes engine RPM by 15% (according to the manual).. so even a small change has a huge affect.
I put a video on KOZYBOAT of these props when we hauled the boat back in June or July.. (I’ll repost below)
They are very cool… when they work…
The manufacturer is in Washington state..  I sent him some pics and video, and he also confirmed we found the problem.
The blades actually swing from forward to reverse position depending which gear the boat is in.. when sailing they go to neutral, which helps with speed.
Again.. when they work..   Internally they have gears, to position the blades..  The problem child still rotates back and forth, but doesn’t stop at it’s correct pitch (angle).
This makes the motor work VERY hard..  and he’s not HAPPY..

So a couple options..  pull it apart underwater.. which can be done.. ..  if we are lucky, the main hub doesn’t have to come off, and just replace the broken pins that are suspected.
Under Allie’s bunk, are the two original fixed props…   That would require a haul out (in BVI’s?) to change, but would guarantee the issue is gone and we can take our time rebuilding the props properly (Sending back to Washington), or selling on EBAY 🙂
So.. still up in the air on this one.. need a coin to flip !
Glad to find the problem!!!


P1000451:2:25:2014 P1000445:2:25:2014 P1000441:2:25:2014

Here’s the video from last year when we hauled her:

One thought on “Max Prop = Max Issue?”

  1. Eh Tim
    Remember reliability could be a life saver in your case .Fancy props are cool motoring around the islands (if they work ) . For long trips where you are under sail speed is not going to marred too much by regular style props . Remember the old KISS principle , go for reliability , you may need that motor power one day in an emergency ( remembering that motors are only a back up to sail ). Just a response from someone that cares, BTW not a PE but still a good sailor .

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