Calling Tokyo .. Calling Tokyo

First Up… Robins Back… Literally.. She is much better and on the mend.. Will be a few weeks minimum, but certainly better news than last week.
The MRI showed no previous issues, only a new one.. herniated disc.. caused by a sideways motion, which we all know was pulling in a line off a mooring ball.
Doctor Opinion #1: Nothing we can do but operate. – Sea Ya… I literally walked out.
Doctor Opinion #2: Looks fairly minor, need to see you to recommend some stretches – Sounds awesome.. But he is located in Canada… (FTP’d the MRI, and sent email pics.. love technology)
Doctor Opinion #3: This is the guy that runs the Scan place – Operate? No..No..No… If you can get some physio you will be fine in no time,,, this is a minor issue
Doctor Diesel: (He’s my favourite doctor as I work with him on the boat): SCREW THAT SOB.. YOU NO NEED OPERATION! I BREAK ALL BONES IN MY BODY AND I HAVE NO OPERATION…. I SHOW YOU HOW TO RECOVER YOURSELF… ha… Most colourful person there is.. don’t mess with Dr Diesel.. He’s got a ton of very cool stories, from flying military jets (blowing up a motor and ejecting, breaking many bones).. captured in enemy territory.. etc etc..
Parachute testing 20-30 times a day.. sometimes in thunderstorms…. some designs didn’t work… (Breaking many bones)…
I have no doubt He can bend a 1/4 bolt in half just by looking at it and willing it to break.. he’s bad ass #1 on the island… (And he’s on Timbo’s side!)

Side Band Radio – Also known as the HAM radio… Its used to communicate long distances when at sea.. even send emails… very cool.. I’ve got 2 on board… neither work.. Damn
Well that was until Brendan tripped over the antenna and it came off in his hand.. The connection was bad all along.. so he actually fixed it…
A pair of wire cutters, some clean strands to attach to the back stay of the mast and we turned on the radio…
Every morning there is a long distance net where cruisers call in their location… It’s called the Coconut Telegram.
We dialled it up yesterday and heard a net operator taking calls.
Not sure if the radio would work….. Timbo keyed the mic…
“Island Dancer… Island Dancer..”
Net operator: Island Dancer.. Go ahead…

(WHAT? this thing works? WOW)

We told them our location and plans.. very cool…
Our friends on PLANE TO SEA, are in Bequia (more than 300 Nautical Miles south) immediately called us up.. saying the radio sounded great!
There were people on from Florida to South America.. and we can chit chat to them at any time.. how cooool is that???

Boat Work:
Finishing the last repairs.. 3 machines shops later I have the bracket welded.. Pulled the job 2 times.. We’d be here until Christmas otherwise..
Found a very good shop that did an excellent job.. Fitted a new aluminum billet, welded to the aluminum case, table ground the surfaces.. Drilled out the alternator, made new sliding bushings (much like a brake caliper) and changed the design of the clamp..
It’s 200% better than the original poor design (which lasted 25 years)..
A lot of wrenching lately getting it all back together, but she’s back and ready to go!
A weather window is approaching next week.. we are planning to hit an island our two near here, before heading back to the BVI’s to meet up with more friends!

I had to shorten a bolt the other day.. I can do it onboard, but its a bit of a pain.. I walked into Ace Hardware.. a brand new store here… thats a combo of Canadian tire, Home depot, and Macy’s..
The guys warned me not to let the girls go up stairs to the “Girl” area or your credit card may be in serious pain..
Very great store, with employees working every other isle…
I asked about cutting 1/2″ of a hardened steel bolt in my hand.. They said “No Problem Mon”…
As he pulled out the bolt cutters, I had to stop him… no, that will shorten it, but not what I need.. something like a grinder, or hack saw..
“No Problem Mon”… over to the hack saw isle.. Picks a new one off the shelf… Hands me a new blade off another shelf..
Timbo: Would you have a vice
“No Problem Mon”.. over to the vice isle.. pulls one off the shelf.. “Have at IT Mon”…
Timbo cut the bolt in minutes.. (using two more blades) and we were on our way..
Not sure the health and safety department in Canada would allow this.. customers were walking by as I hacking away in the middle of the store.. it was pretty funny!
But I was sure no one was hurt… 🙂

A lot of sports on these days eh??? We watched the Daytona races (BORING!! but nice fire Jimmy)..
Then the 2 hockey games.. (More Canadians here than Americans.. the Bar EXPLODED when we won!)
Looks like Sunday will be busy.. We have a 4 km hike on the northern shore with a bunch of cruisers.. then the Daytona 500!!!
(Apparently there is a hockey game on that day too!)
Monday Brings Robins Birthday….. The cruisers are planning a BBQ on the Pink Tug, so a natural party is growing for that day!

Have a Great Weekend!

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  1. Hi guys looks like you guys are having a great time! Robin get better soon! Wish we were there, tired of this white stuff lol!

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