Buyin Socks and Building a House

You won’t see too many picks of Robin this week.. She threw her back out in a bad way.. thankfully we have friends here on the island who have picked us up and brought her to a physiotherapist…
He is hopeful she will be better in a week……. Sure hope so!!! No fun when you are in that much pain….

In other news… Jessi has new Bamboo Socks.. strange place to buy socks… I haven’t worn any in 6 months.. can’t imagine sales are too high!!! ha
Also.. Brendan and Tracy have rented a place at the Hilton…. OMG… did we take advantage of THAT…. Hot tubs!!! Hot Showers!!! and even watched 10 minutes of REAL LIVE TV???

House building here on the island is interesting.. I had to stop to check out a new house going up.. He welded two SEACan storage containers together..
Cut out some windows.. and has been ‘nailing’ wood to the sides for 6 weeks now.. (Looks like another 12 weeks to go if you ask me) 🙂
Fun Guy… showed me all around.. very proud of his work, and why not.. pretty cheap house and it’s hurricane proof… (Or maybe not.. hummm)

This was funny.. we went in search of a remote sandy beach.. out of the lagoon, into the wide open ocean.. we spot a sandy beach without a sole (located beside a resort)… perfect…
After an hour of swimming, and sun tanning, I see a sign facing the opposite direction from us.. Likely says private property so I wasn’t too quick to walk over and read it… NOPE….. (see pics)

Our friend SnowWhite was FIRED… you got it FIRED from his job at the French Pizza place.. Well thank god for him there’s 10 more on the street..
We ran into him (at his new place) so went in to say hello and have a small lunch…
Jessi, Allie, and I sat down in a couch type setting…. They were fairly busy.. with not enough staff..
Relaxing with a book, the three of us waited patiently to order some drinks.. 10 minutes goes by… The book is getting good..
15 minutes goes by… Staff acknowledge us 3 times now… be there ‘soon’
at 20 minutes I ask Jessi if she wants to go somewhere else…
No Dad.. This place is great.. we have our own couch in a shady place on a hot day.. laying back reading a good book, and people watching (some people didn’t like the fish soup.. as it lacked fish.. I think that would have been just FINE… picky people )… 🙂
In complete relaxation, SnowWhite comes over.. Hey Timbo.. would you like a beer?
Startled, as I forgot we were actually at a restaurant.. “Sure SnowWhite.. thanks”

Not many times back in Canada were we totally comfortable and relaxed waiting 30 minutes to be served even a drink… but thats the way it is down here “Sometimes”…
Ended up being an awesome snack, and we were on our way within the hour..
Timbo took the girls shopping for clothes.. into an art gallery.. few specalty shops, the beach (story above!).. Then to the french supermarket for dinner preparations.
Totally awesome day.. Lets Hope Robin feels better soon and can get into the action..

Have a Great Day

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