Turbo Timbo Goes to the Beach

Another productive day, crew working the morning on the boat / Robin working on her business with a surprisingly good internet connection from our long range antenna.
As Im sure you all know, there is a beach here where the planes land very close…
Standing on the beach when the large ones land is certainly something not be forgotten anytime soon!
There were a few planes cancelled out of JFK yesterday… some kind of snow storm up there?
I guess that will make Thursday a very busy day…  747’s come in Thursday/Friday and Sunday… we will have to check that out!
It was Movie night on Island Dancer… tried something new..  moved the BIG SCREEN (all 27″ of her) outside to the cockpit.    It was much like a Drive In… but we call it a SAIL IN !!!
Looking around the bay, with moon light shining off the water was just amazing while sitting back watching a movie..
The temperature was PERFECT.. not hot, not cold..
I think I can start this up a business with Dingy parking behind Island Dancer.. Allie could sell popcorn and make a few bucks eh!
Having a dinner party onboard tonight…   menu: Cashew Chicken and Brownie Puddling with Vanilla ice cream…  Theres still a few seats open if you would like to join!
Have a Great Day!!!

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