Logbook – Trellis Bay – Sint Maarten


Here’s Note from the log book


11:00am Anchors up Trellis Bay. Wind 20 knots east.   Main Sail set motor sailing with starboard engine @ 2900 rpm.  


3:45pm   Tough passage. Main sail outhaul failed at sail tack.  Wind picked up.   Hourly checks in engine room have spotted a possbile issue with the alternator.  If we can’t come up with a temporary fix, we may have to turn back.  Tacking to St. Martin on just the head sail would be difficult in these conditions.

Shutdown engine.  Sailing 90 degree’s from st. martin in heavy seas.   Wind 20-25 knots east. Timbo and Brendan create a tensioning device for the alternator bracket as Robin and Allie monitor the sailing as we are below.   Two attempts later marginal success!  Bow pointed 112 degree’s Straight to St. Martin..  

Robins back is not good..  She is laying down.   Allie has started an audio book over the stereo.  Arctic Shift…  Story starts with two ice breakers stuck in the arctic for 3 years…  hummm… were doing ALOT better here!!! ha


6:00pm  Nice Sunset!  Robin feeling better.  Alternator seems ok through hourly checks down below.  Swells have started from the north, which is broadside to the boat..  Wind out of the east 15-20 knots, but wind waves are minimizing.  Audio book sucked, turned it off.. back to Mp3’s.   Experienced our first Rouge wave…  Many cabnets flew open..  Appeared to have 12″ of sea water on the deck for a few moments..  Other than that wave, its not too bad out here!  

20 miles offshore..  Digicell cell service still working!  Text Jessi at University and she responds!!


8:40pm   Robin on deck.   One ship spotted to Starboard for hours.  One ship to stern has disappeared for now.  Full moon is hidden by one large cloud.  Star’s are out in the millions..  Iphone APP for star gazing fired up, providing lots of entertainment. Full moon soon appears and lights up the sea.  Wind is down to 15 knots.  Allie sets up bunk on deck for snoozing..  Course set at 110 degrees just right of the moon!  

Bow wake is strange…   Bioluminance has started.. the water is lite up with plankton!  Much like fireflys.. Soooo Cool!

Water depth 6000 feet.


9:40   Quiet hour,,,  Robin made P&J sandwiches then back to bed..  Brendan getting some sleep also.  Rolly but fairly comfortable.   Ship to Stern has appeared again.


10:40  Brendan thrown out of bed, awoke on the floor of his bedroom.  Maybe its more rolly than described.   2 boats to starboard.. one showing green light, so should be heading opposite direction. 2 planes overhead. Allie awake, boat to stern disappeared.  Robin Sleeping.


1:40  Allie takes 2 hours at the helm while Timbo and Branden get some sleep on deck.  Temperature has DROPPED.. its very COLD..   2 cruise ships.   Very Rolly, waves to broadside and nose in confused seas. Strong wind.  28 miles to go, at this rate 8am.  Alternator steady, all engine checks good.


3:00am  Crew asleep.  4 cruise ships some not moving, likely waiting to make their schedule..   LAND HO!  very faint lights on the horizon.  Bridge to St. Maartin opens at 9:30 am…   Hoping to make it…  


4:00am  18 miles to destination.  Crew asleep.   Cruise ships following Island Dancer into St. Martin.


5:00am  Robin awakes and takes the wheel..  Timbo gets some sleep on deck.


6:30am   Sunrise amazing!  Timbo in and out of sleep as Robin has the wheel.


7am      8 miles to destination.    Large BANG from engine room.   Engine Temperature Pegged to right.   Timbo awake.. nice alarm clock Robin!!!   Engine shudown, sails maintain momentum with course change. We can tack in no issue.

            Opening the door to the engine room Timbo notices a new steam room installed on Island Dancer.

Fan belt blew off..  stopping the water pump.  We have 10 spare belts.. But the conditions are not too good to work on it right now.

Coffee brewed and Views of the island admired.


8:30 am.   New fanbelt installed, coolant replaced.  Engine start, no issues.   Bow pointed to Bridge to enter st. Maartin.  Gps shows 9:40 for arrival.. we will miss the opening.   RPM brought up on engine..  9:34am shown… will be close..  they are calling all sailing vessels to the canal.. They can’t keep the car traffic stopped too long..


9:34 am..   All sailing vessels are going thru bridge opening..  Island dancer behind mega ships but passing them quickly..  we are now in front of Steve Jobs megashi
p.  Another sailboat shows up in line.. Its from Canada!..  We follow..  Radio lights up with conversation for sailboats to SPEED UP!!!   ok.. ok!!!

MEgaship crew on deck..  What are your plans?  To go through the Bridge!!!…  They backdown…  Thanks buy you a beer later!! ha


9:36am   Island Dancer arrives St. Maartin!    What a cool place..   we cruise the whole lagoon..   ending up on the French side..  Anchors down..


Noon:  Clear customs…  A small building with two  “un”officals wearing T-shirts..   They are super friendly and point us to some computers to check in.

Keyboard is in french..  Brendan takes the Wheel!     Cost to stay 3 weeks, $7.00 total!   


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