Bye Bye England!!!

Spending the last few days in St. John with Jessi before she heads back to University..
Nice sailing over from BVI’s..  Everytime we come to this island I love it more..
Our day today…
1) Check out of BVI’s..  ($1.00 total for the boat).. this is normally $15.00 each..???  I asked 3 times.. I left $1.00 lighter.. ok
2) Sailing over to St. John..  Beautiful..  cranked up the internet radio and discovered it was -38 back home with the wind chill… OMG
3) Dingied to shore..  entered the USA..  no problem.. stay as long as you want Timbo..  why this is so much easier than on the mainland I have no idea..
( Every time I go to this island I love it more!)
4) Barefoot Cowboys BBQ for lunch… UMMMMM
5) Girls went shopping,., Timbo met some new friends at Cowboys..
6) Dingy back to boat, but stop short at a place called Caneel bay resort..  Rockerfellows built it from a ruins sugar mill…   cost $867 for a cheapest room..  per night.. We used the beach and the pool,
and rode a golf cart around the place… pretending to be guests..  too fun…
Next day we sailed over to our fav spot.. Maho bay..   here we did a ton of snorkelling, hiking every day, and sunset dingy rides..   love this place!
Have a great day!

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