Buddy Brendan Arrives!!!

But… on a sad note… Sweet Jessi heads back to school!!!

On our hike to the ruins in St. John, we ran into some Canips.. a ball shaped fruit that JESSI loved.. We only had 4.. and everyone had their share.. Jessi kept saying.. Wish I had one more..(They are awesome!)
well Dad didn’t eat his, secretly put it in his pocket…A day later Jessi says “WISH I had some more of that fruit!!!…”

As Jessi went through security at the airport today… and Timbo signed her international sheet of “NO FRUIT ON BOARD…”
Dad handed her one last item… with a special note on it written on the skin of the fruit in a sharpie.. Even the people in line behind her had glossy eyes and big smiles.. A special moment for sure…


BRENDAN!!!! Brother Brendan ARRIVES!!!
Hang Tight, were making stories right now… So fun to have a good friend on board!!!

Plan is to sail to St. Maartin this week… not sure when I will have more internet… We likely will have a couple days waiting for a weather window…

but…. who knows!!!!

Hope you had a GREAT DAY TODAY!!!


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