St. Thomas USVI

Had an interesting week!!  Not much internet, so sorry for slow updates…  Lets get you up to speed on Kozyboat
Sailed to St. Thomas..  Great conditions for setting the sails and cruising…
Stayed in Christmas cove for 4 or 5 days..   Our good friends Ray and Liz arrived, and we had some fun together..
Did some minor repairs to their boat, changing oil and playing with bilge pumps…
Sailed to Water Island, near the airport to prepare to pickup Jessi..

Just 1/2 hour before we left the boat to the airport, Allie and Timbo sitting in the living room chit chatting when….
BANG…   I mean   BBBAAANNNGGG !!!!   Then the sound of WATER… LOTS OF WATER…  HERE WE GO!!!!  What the Hell is THAT!!!
As I opened the door to the engine room, we had little Niagra Falls….   I was suspecting a through hull fitting let go from the amount of water… NOPE…
All Bilge pumps fired up..  Throwing water over the side of Island Dancer…  At this point I remember some advice from our friend Scott in Puerto Rico…
Whats the highest volume bilge pump you can buy?   Two scared guys and a 5 gallon bucket!!!  ha!!!
So… trying to find the source of this new waterfall feature, I climbed over an engine..  YUP there she is!!…    A Fresh water pressure damping pot has Split in Half…???
Island Dancer holds 250 gallons of water..  About a 100 was now in the bilge…  Only a 10 minute repair and we were in the Dingy to pick up Jessi…  Cool eh?

Arriving on the “mainland” of St. Thomas a nice older lady was leaving with her dingy eating a banana…  I waved hello and she said “Good Luck its crazy in there”…

We pulled the dingy into the designated Dingy Parking lot… Lots of signs.. don’t park here… don’t even think of parking there…   Park your Dingy HERE…
OK,…..  wow…  it’s tight… didn’t know you could put 100 dingy’s in a 20′ square area…..   we squeezed in and placed our lock on as we always do…
Leaving, I read another sign… Don’t lock your dingy…  hummm…   ok..  back I go to remove the lock..
At this point a local resident pulls up in his dingy and throws a lock on it… I ask about the strange request on the sign.. he said… LOCK it… I always do.
…to be continued…

Over to the airport…
Jessi arrived from -22C Maine…  She welcomed the shorts and flip flop requirements of the islands..
Big Hugs all around… and were back to the dingy in record time…
The dingy with the broken lock…   someone cut the lock off to reposition the boat and likely get theirs out..  OK..  no big deal..
Getting onboard…  the gas line has been cut…   AND… a new high priced filter installed…???
What the heck??  I look around…. is this my dingy?  Yup.. thats my motor.. yup… there’s my shoes..
How did this new filter get on the gas line??   And it’s see through so if you have WATER in the gas you can see it…  I ALWAYS wanted one of THESE!!!
Never figured that one out…  Merry Christmas to Timbo…

Next Up…   Launch Day Dream Believer…   Ray got a day’s head start on us, so we had to fire up both big diesel turbo Yanmars and head nose to the wind back to the BVI’s..
The waves were significant, as we used all 54′ of Island Dancer to cut through the swells and put us 35 miles up wind in record time..

By the time I stepped foot on Virgin gorda, where we keep Day Dream Believer, a 30′ Nonsuch sailboat… Ray already has her in the slings and ready to drop into the water..
By chance our other good friend John Hamilton showed up the scene and we (they) launched the boat in minutes..
Within the hour, Ray and Allie were sailing her across Sir Francis Drake Channel into Trellis Bay.
Jessi made a painting of our boat…  University finger painting really paid off!!!

Hope all is Well There!!!
Have a Great Day

sailing!!!!! IMG_1979:12:21:2013 IMG_1947:12:21:2013 IMG_1926:12:21:2013 IMG_1924:12:21:2013 IMG_1975:12:21:2013 IMG_1911:12:21:2013 IMG_1942:12:21:2013 IMG_1925:12:21:2013 IMG_1909:12:21:2013 IMG_1964:12:21:2013 IMG_1930:12:21:2013 IMG_1929:12:21:2013 IMG_1943:12:21:2013 IMG_1950:12:21:2013 IMG_1955:12:21:2013 IMG_1915:12:21:2013 IMG_1920:12:21:2013 IMG_1970:12:21:2013 IMG_1923:12:21:2013 IMG_1913:12:21:2013 IMG_1971:12:21:2013 IMG_1948:12:21:2013 IMG_1917:12:21:2013 IMG_1922:12:21:2013 IMG_1941:12:21:2013

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