Maho Bay – St. John

Woke up, Coffee..  CHECK
Snorkel Time… managed to get Robin to snorkel in fairly rough conditions… she ALMOST went back 2 times..  But, edging closer and closer to the island (smooth water) where we were planning to snorkel, she got more and more comfortable…  I think the thing that changed her mind was Allie spending 90% of the time at the bottom, just holding her breath.. She can dive more than 20 feet now no issue…  comes up with Critters..  usually a starfish, conch, or crab…  turning rocks over, until she finds something to bring up to us…  she’s a FISH

Very cool snorkelling a the island..  after an hour or so we had to DRAG Allie off the reef..  and start heading back to the boat, which was a 1/4 mile away….  I jumped aboard, found a scrapper, handed it to Allie and instructed how to remove Barnicals … not that I’ve done it.. but I watched the boys in the marina in Puerto Rico do it over many beers..
She stayed in, treading water for another hour scrapping the side of the boat…  not quiet half done.. but looks great…  Good Job Kid…

Morning brought us to the LONGEST hike ever!.. ha….  it was a 1 mile dingy ride..  2 miles hike up the hill to the main road.. 1 miles down the road…  2.5 miles down the other side of st. john…  This took 3 hours…  we had some snacks, hung out in the waterfalls..

Allie had a rock water conditioner to her hair… makes your hair super smooth… wierd…
Checked out the many Petroglyph’s… they are from 900AD?.. very cool….  Then headed back… ya,, that’s only ONE way!!! Back to the boat in 5 hours..  (Small cheat on the main road where someone stuck their thumb out and we got a ride… ALLIE!!!)

Best hike I’ve ever been on… but certainly some effort required!!

Ray and Liz are showing up next week,, we have to be Tuned up for Hiking when they get here…

Really have to start Christmas shopping…  hummm… walking the beach with a beer in hand, I found a lady painting a beach scene…   Asked if she could paint my boat…
She said what colour do you want it..  ha..  ok..  a “picture” of my boat…   for Christmas….

She had to get back to me..  walking away, she came running back, right when Robin walked up and said… OK OK I can paint your boat…   ha…  (It was supposed to be an Xmas present for Robin)…. so it’s not a super secret… but I can’t show you the finished product….

Sea if you can find a termite nest in any of the pics…. They are everywhere here on the trails… and NOT SMALL…  apparently they have a nest in the tree and a second one in the ground which is larger…  WHOLLY… if you prick a small hole in the side, termites come flowing out…  and Geckos come flying up the tree for LUNCH!!!…entertainment eh?

No internet or phone where we are these days… but we dingy to shore now and again to find a signal..  What? No Duck Dynasty???   I know I know…  life is rough out here!!!
Have a great day
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