Don’t eat Yellow Snow?? Drink it!!

Found an awesome pizza place in St. Thomas… Beer on tap… you guessed it YELLOW SNOW… awesome!!!
Sailed over to Christmas Island… (actual name).. just off St. Thomas.. very very nice sail, almost missed one reef… that would have sucked… but we noticed it before all went BAD.
It was a little like this…
Timbo: Hey Allie… What’s that ahead of us??
Allie: What are you looking at?
Timbo: That white water… is it a jet ski or something?
Allie: ? Timbo: OMG… GYBING
I think we were in 12 feet of water, when we made; as the Pink Panther says… EXIT STAGE LEFT!!!
Gybe, backwind Jib, Island Dancer pulls into deep water in seconds…… ya its on the GPS, iPad, Charts… operator error!!!

Over to Christmas Cove.. then Dingy to town.. its about a mile downwind.. pulled into St Thomas Yacht Club, where a friend of ours (Brian) is a member and Ray keeps a boat there…

Made a quick friend and… before we knew it ….we were in an Island Car driving to Budget to rent a car..
Circle-navigated the island… Hitting Megans bay, and many local tourist attractions..
Over to K-MART… so weird walking into a box store.. Allie summed it up.. I hope I never have to go into one of those stores ever again… We are getting used to local stores.. not USA stuff…
But the prices are generally a lot better, and were cheap, so it happens when we need to re-Provision the boat…
Over to a big grocery store… 1/4 way through I said to Robin… Hey think we should continue this tomorrow?
Robin: It’s going to be dark soon, so lets just keep shopping..
Timbo: hummm… ok… always up for an adventure..

After another hour, we exit the store with $300 in groceries.. Its fairly dark, but a good moon…
As we are loading the trunk of the rental car.. Both Robin and Allie look at each other and say: WE HAVE TO PUT ALL THIS IN THE DINGY???

TIMBO: Well… ya, thats kinda why I suggested leaving when it was daylight?? HA!!! I love this stuff…

So into the rental car… only a MAP… we drive UP and Down the windy roads trying to find the marina.. Took a few stabs at it… Found lots of new roads… But eventually.. we did find the DINGY!!!
Loading 200 bags into the dingy, we head off into the darkness and whitecaps.. towards Christmas Island..
2 minutes out.. the crew started complaining… Its wet!!!.. OHHHH… AHHHH… big waves…
Silently Timbo steers the dingy towards Christmas Island, and hopefully Island Dancer…
OHHHH… AHHHHH… from the crew… waves are fairly large….

TIMBO: Gee the dingy sure is running good eh?? Bummer if it was to Die right now… BUT… At least we have 2 months of supplies onboard… we will be fat when they find us!!!
Crew didn’t complain the rest of the way.. as we approached a dark Island Dancer (we left at Noon?? not thinking to put any lights on)

I think it’s fair to say none of us were dry when we arrived… But all were Happy!!! (perhaps to be alive???)…ha… It wasn’t that bad, but gee, with all the Snow you have there, I have to give you something negative…. 🙂

Onboard, Generator started, and LONG hot showers for All!!!……. Xmas music cranked on the radio… Christmas lights light up Island Dancer.. All is well!!!

Tomorrow our good friends Ray and Liz arrive….



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