Skittles and Snorkelling

Living on a boat does give more time to do the little things in life…  Highlight today
Place snorkel mask on face.   Close eyes..  Someone hand you a skittle…   Now tell me what flavour it is…
No one was able to get it..   ever…     I guessed Lime when it was root beer… ha!!!

Zev took us over to Scott’s Penthouse for Halloween and a GREAT DINNER!!!  Thanks to Both of you!!!
Picked up some of his Grandmothers secret recipes…  very cool…
Lots of stories and of course the night is never complete without a full fledged sword fight!!!

Last provisioning run (How many times will I say THAT!)…  Pico had to go for a wagon ride…
Robin bought a new lamp…  I see Im going to be installing some thru bolts to hold it on the table!
Ha!..   Have a great Weekend

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