Caneel Bay USVI

Uneventful cruise over to USVI last night. Made a midnight snack of chicken wings on the BBQ, high marks from crew.
Rain started about 3am for an hour.. Covered cockpit and real windows came in really handy.. Allie suggested she wouldn’t be steering the boat if we didn’t have this!! ha!!
Not a lot of steering to do actually.. set the autopilot in San Juan and kicked it off playing chicken with a Disney cruise line at daybreak.
Apparently Mr. AutoVanHelm is not SCARED of big Ships.. we played it safe and went behind it!

Beautiful sunrise over calm seas!!!   
Pulled down the Puerto Rico courtesy flag and now flying the Q Flag.. (Thats a yellow flag that means you are Quarantined until cleared customs..)
Dropping the dingy after breakfast and heading into Cruz bay to clear into the ‘Country’..
Even though Puerto Rico is US, and St. John is US, they don’t play well together and require customs and immigration like any other place..
The water is 25 feet deep here and you can see the bottom like it’s a foot deep.. very nice!
Internet is free.. and appears faster than San Juan… Hummmmm
Seems like a nice place!!!!!

Off to check out the ‘town’ 🙂


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