Sailing Culebra and Vieques

I read somewhere that running into dolphin’s the first time you put up the sails is good luck….
Sure hope thats true.. Wasn’t too long after Island dancer heeled from the wind, 3 dolphin came to play in the bow wake!..
Been waiting along time for that experience.. very very cool.

Allie put together a very good video of our 4 or 5 day trip.. we had a blast.. so fun to explore different islands.. The reason we are on this adventure!
She is getting really good at holding her breath on snorkel trips.. she spends move time under the water than on top!!

Ran into a lot of bioluminance at a bay in Vieques..(pronounced “B” – “A” – “KISS”… really hard to get pictures of it.. Its a lot like fireflies, but its in the water..
We spent hours playing with the water.. you wait until dark, then launch the dingy.. stick you finger in the water …. wiggle it.. and the water lights up..
crazy!!… Running the dingy on plane, we had a spotlight following us.. By chance there was no Moon.. so it was completely dark, until you disturbed the water.. then Bright Bright Blue..
They sell tours that must be expensive from the mainland.. we found a small bay to anchor at with no one else around.. just us.. no stores.. no cars.. very remote…
I was really hoping it would be a bioluminance bay.. we were not disappointed!

Had a blast over on Culebra thats “KOO.. LEB…RA”.. or something like that!! ha
… rented a golf cart for $25.00 for a 24 hours.. tons of fun and didn’t break it!!! a new record for Timbo!!!

Met a lot of very nice people, and can’t wait to go back..

Here’s the video….

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