New Mechanic on Board

I guess you can’t do everything yourself….
Timbo broke down and let another mechanic touch Island Dancer..
Fuel injectors on diesel engines need to be cleaned periodically.. apparently these are way overdue
One of the engines has produced black smoke, indicating a fuel air mixture issue..
Since I hired a mechanic, and she fits into small places.. why not do both engines!!!
They were very dirty and its hard to believe they worked at all.
Puerto Rico is a great location for these jobs.
Once removed, we dropped them off at High Power Diesel Fuel Injection Specialist..
Injector tips will be replaced, bench tested for spray pattern, and opening pressure reset.
If this doesnt fix the problem, we will move to the injector pump.. Good thing my mechanic works for Ice Cream !!

DSCF0419 DSCF0418 DSCF0416 DSCF0424 DSCF0417

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