Start of our Adventure

Writing this from 33000 feet on our way to Puerto Rico..

Checked in 10 bags, and carried on 7 more..   With just 3 of us, thats fairly impressive
“AT NO ADDITIONAL COST”… ha..    we actually bought first class tickets, ended up being cheaper when you normally pay for every bag..
Up to the Delta Lounge where I expected we would be allowed in..  got that one wrong.. you have to be a Gold member.. or be on an international flight.   I almost convinced her that Puerto Rico was international to Detroit.. but did get a few laughs out of her..
She ended up taking my credit card to give us a membership for the day..    A few more stories and she handed the card back and said.. just go in as my guest!..  AWESOME!!
Hoping the boat is still floating when we arrive..  STAY TUNED !!!
Ol’ Wilson is loving the Flight..  He was super scared to get checked in…  figured he’d become imploded with the pressure change..  we got him a nice bbq chicken dinner and some rums and he is in fine shape now…
(As Owen said..  his first flight didnt end so well, who could blame him???)

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