Wish I Was SomeWhere Other Than Here

2nd place that is!!!   Ha…   We had an AWESOME race this weekend…   St. Clair River Race..

Start in the lake, and race down the RIVER to St. Clair Michigan..

I know I know.. I’m never doing ANYTHING in the videos.. but we actually did 15 or so Gybes (kinda tricky stuff, for us anyway)… and me arms were silly puddy da next day…  Great Crew!!

we have some solid competition to figure out before the Mac race…

First place LIBERTY made some mistakes.. apparently we made a few more!!

You might notice a few cut (replaced on the fly) lines at the end of the race..  we certainly had an interesting day, and I found my pocket knife, black tape, and pliers came in handy too many times!! ha   Nice recovery Ambush!

Lots of learning by all, some serious malfunctions were corrected on the fly, so nice to do at daylight with lots of crew awake!..   Mackinac is calling soon..  

Next Race is an overnighter to test crew shifts and see how we deal with problems in the NIGHT..  

Stay Tuned !!!



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