Timbo Tech – Turbo Props

Island Dancer was found to have Turbo Props
with Variable pitch..  What the heck is that you say?  Or.. perhaps..
who cares Timbo.. im going to get another coffee…

Either way.. have a quick look at the
video..  kinda neat stuff.

So what is it.. and why does it matter…

When in forward, a propeller is designed to
give maximum thrust  and efficiency at a certain RPM…

Thats cool.. but what about backing out of
the slip….

Guess what, the prop is designed to go only one
way..  if you run it backwards it works….but not so good.  (This is a great excuse for anyone thats hit anything in reverse!!)

I’ve always said the boat ramp is the best
entertainment around…  Normally this involves cars that are proven to
Float (for a short time)…  but many times its boats crashing into other
boats, piers, or Lochness monsters.

 Bring on turbo props..  they switch
position when in reverse to give maximum effiicency.. and MAYBE keep you from
hitting that maga-yacht sitting behind you..  

Here’s a quick video to make you SMRT   http://vimeo.com/59969751

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