Winter Jacket

‎Island Dancer is shivaaarrrrrhhhhing in the cold Canadian climate! -20 degrees the norm…

Sure hoping the 38 gallons of plumbers antifreeze I used to winterize was Enough!!

Watermaker was removed, as it’s just too complicated to winterize and expensive if not done correctly!

Bring on Spring!!

Only 100 more days until the marina opens!! :)

Have a Great Day!



4 More Islands then to the Airport!

Woke up to a beautiful morning in Cane Garden Bay…   We couldnt find Arrrrr  Mr. Parkers Dog.. perhaps he was camping out on another boat!

Sails up, Lindsay as Captain, sailed us to West end..   As we turned the corner we felt the strong Christmas winds and had to pull them down to be sure we didnt break anything!

Over to Norman Island for a Snorkelling, beach strolling, and a trip to Pirates Bight and Willi T’s!

Up early, we head over to the Indians, a very cool snorkeling place!  We were the first people on the scene of this very popular spot!

Continuing East to Cooper Island, the winds remained heavy..  We should be captured under sail in a local photoshoot company

Cooper Island is one of our new favourites..  the water is SOOOO clear!  We were all snorkeling just minutes after arriving…

Turtles are EVERYWHERE here..  there’s a video attached to an earlier post!

Spend the most relaxing day on the beach… ALL DAY !

Buddy with a helicopter on his yacht showed up..  I kept yelling “Launch the CHOPPER!”.. and eventually he did!      Must have been pretty neat cruising the islands from the air!

Next morning, we upped the sails and headed to the BATHS..  no visit to the area is complete without this!  Lindsay loved it!

One more Sail!.. over to Marina Cay! refueled and rewatered!

One more Snorkel!  I think its called Diamond Cay..  a little reef just off Marina Cay..  one of the best in the area!  so relaxing…

Eventually I had to tell Allie it was time to go..   back…  home… to the cold…  and no snorkelling…

She looked at me through the mast,  here head turned left and right.. then all I saw was flippers as she disappeared under the water…

Took a while to get her out..  she’s was NOT HAPPY to leave!

Talking about Happy.. it was HAPPY HOUR with John and Heather!  We set DayDream Believer back up on her mooring in Trellis bay..  and headed over to the loose mongoose for one last visit.

Early morning ride with John and Heather to the ferry terminal…  New load record for his car.. 7 people and 15 bags.. some strapped to the roof!

Jessi’s flight left before ours..   Robin was tearrry….

Before she left she had to get one more dose of HOT SUN..  holding her hands up on the road to tan her arms?  Cops were sitting 20 feet behind her looking at each other…??  Why is she standing with her arms in the air??  I was in the shadows with camera handy just incase it got GOOD!!   :)

Lindsay flew with us to Florida..   and soon enough was home safe and sound …Thanks for coming on our trip it was great having you!

Into Detroit we found our car… and the interior light left on for the last 14 days in -?? weather…..   click click click…    Quick Boost and on our way!

Best vacation I can remember!

Have a Great Day!


IMG_20150107_172113 IMG_20150107_165237 IMG_20150107_163548 IMG_20150107_162251 IMG_20150107_151421 IMG_20150107_141358 IMG_20150106_1724111 IMG_20150106_150502 IMG_20150106_111931 IMG_20150106_1106341

IMG_20150107_182552IMG_20150107_173245IMG_20150107_172133IMG_20150107_1939221IMG_20150107_200233IMG_20150109_084522IMG_20150109_131121IMG_20150109_194236IMG_20150110_084540Back HOME!!!BURRRRRRR  -15C




St. John Hiking then off to England!

Pretty strong wind the last few days had us ducking into protected bays…

Added more crew with our niece Lindsay now on board, her first cruising experience!   She hasn’t turned green yet, so far so good!!!

St. John was our first destination, and wasnt long before we were up the dense forest hills with spectacular views in all directions!

Slid over to England (BVI) and over to Cane Garden bay…  a favourite hideout!

Everyone having a great time, enjoying the WARM weather, friendly people, and running into some old friends along the way…  Life is Good… real Good

Have a Great Day!


Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 4.53.58 PM

Reserved seatingIMG_2336 IMG_2337 IMG_2338

Refillin the water tanks!   again :)IMG_1195 IMG_1202 IMG_1204 IMG_1206 IMG_1210 IMG_1215 IMG_1217 IMG_1219 IMG_1222 Charlotte!!!!IMG_1224

IMG_1245 IMG_1263 IMG_1276 IMG_1307 IMG_1312

Stressful day!IMG_1320

Cane Garden Bay – BVIIMG_1323 IMG_1332



Heavy Seas, the captain needed a beerIMG_20150105_114442

Hiking up (well down at this point!)  St. JohnIMG_20150105_103658

Blue job turned Pink… Checking into Customs completed by the Girlz!IMG_20150105_132446



Working on KOZYBOAT!!!IMG_0621


Downwind Sailing (a Power Boaters Dream!)

Sailing downwind in 20ish knot winds the last few days!   Double reefed and still flying as fast as the engineers designed the boat to go!

Chasing $500k catamarans is always fun in the wee Day Dream Believer!
According to Snowman the fun of that is over, we will have 20+ on the nose the next few days!  :)
Plan is to hide out in little coves of St. John… not going too far
We sailed from Tortola to Nanny Cay…   here we had a master plan… although the boat needed water it didn’t need fuel..
So Timbo Slooooowly added 5.1 gallons of fuel a click at a time on the pump as the girls sneaked into the resort to use unlimited hot water showers!
We needed TONS of water on board, all three tanks EMPTY…   seems this crew goes through water a little more than the boys did…   bonus is the boat smells MUCH BETTER! :)
This boat is soooo easy to handle…  Im backing into docks in high winds just to show off…  trust me, I had more than one occasion last year showing off with the opposite results!! ha!
Still finding pop tops all over the boat… mystery continues
Continuing sailing to West end, we provisioned the boat and checked out of the British Virgins…
Sails back up we headed to St. John and pulled into Maho bay for the night…
Girls wasted to time jumping in to snorkel for a few hours…
Found a interesting reef with many fish and turtles, pretty cool!
Next morning up the sails and over to Cruz Bay, St. John to Check into the US of A
We normally anchor off shore and dingy into this very small harbor….
Not this time.. we backed into the virgin island tourist dock and walked over to customs area…
Soon enough the sails are back up and we cruise over to St. Thomas, RedHook…
So… Great news, our niece Lindsay arrived last night… wind is crazy so we tucked into a secure dock…
Girlz enjoying cruising around town and using the hot unlimited water showers… geese everyone is so clean!
Everything on the boat is working awesome…   fun times!
Have a Great Day!



Bertha the Angle fish is Timbo’s friend… She hung out with him a long time on the reef!DCIM104GOPROIMG_2287

New Years Eve in Trellis Bay!IMG_2297 IMG_2305 IMG_1012 IMG_1031 IMG_1051 IMG_1052 IMG_1061 IMG_1093 IMG_1143 IMG_1149 IMG_1153 IMG_1173 IMG_1175 IMG_1179

Flight from Puerto Rico to BVI

IMG_0942 IMG_0948 IMG_0976

These Pop Tops are EVERYWHERE????IMG_2175 IMG_2185 IMG_2194 IMG_2198 IMG_2216 IMG_0988 IMG_2229 IMG_2232 IMG_2241 IMG_2247 IMG_2257 IMG_2265

Journey North

Made it back to Canada!   Successful week of launching the boat, completing annual maintenance, and fixing some new problems, that seem common with all boats.

Our last couple days were in Cane Garden Bay.  The weather was beautiful when we left, but soon turned ugly!..  Strong winds and swells off the nose as we motored into a squall towards Trellis bay..

Opening the infirmary, a couple ship mates were admitted..   coming through the narrow passage at Monkey point was a welcomed sight, as the seas returned to calm… you could almost hear the birds chirping..   colour switched to a lighter green as the crew started recovering…. :)

John Hamilton secured 15′ of chain for us while we were out on our adventure…  this was added to the mooring system to insure we have a secure home for Day Dream Believer.

Canada night is a celebration every Tuesday.. where all Canadians are called out for a dinner and discuss snow, ice, and frost..  Most people take a car to get there.. but somehow someone brought their boat (See parking pics!)


It was funny, before we left, Robin and I discussed how many people Owen would know by chance..  Sure enough, he was telling people who their sisters were and where they went to school etc etc..   one small world we live on!

Final preparations on the boat to leave her alone for a couple weeks.   The Kozy Clan will be back on board just after Christmas!

Wonderful week with a ton of work complete… thanks to the maintenance crew of DDB this year!

Have a Great Day!