Journey North

Made it back to Canada!   Successful week of launching the boat, completing annual maintenance, and fixing some new problems, that seem common with all boats.

Our last couple days were in Cane Garden Bay.  The weather was beautiful when we left, but soon turned ugly!..  Strong winds and swells off the nose as we motored into a squall towards Trellis bay..

Opening the infirmary, a couple ship mates were admitted..   coming through the narrow passage at Monkey point was a welcomed sight, as the seas returned to calm… you could almost hear the birds chirping..   colour switched to a lighter green as the crew started recovering…. :)

John Hamilton secured 15′ of chain for us while we were out on our adventure…  this was added to the mooring system to insure we have a secure home for Day Dream Believer.

Canada night is a celebration every Tuesday.. where all Canadians are called out for a dinner and discuss snow, ice, and frost..  Most people take a car to get there.. but somehow someone brought their boat (See parking pics!)


It was funny, before we left, Robin and I discussed how many people Owen would know by chance..  Sure enough, he was telling people who their sisters were and where they went to school etc etc..   one small world we live on!

Final preparations on the boat to leave her alone for a couple weeks.   The Kozy Clan will be back on board just after Christmas!

Wonderful week with a ton of work complete… thanks to the maintenance crew of DDB this year!

Have a Great Day!






Soggy Dollars

‎Great news! Installed the exhaust elbow and all is right with the world! I’ve never seen that amount of water come out the exhaust!.. nice to find the real problem and such an easy fix, just cleaning it out in a bucket!

Dive site was the mooring ball in Trellis bay.. Owen and Brendan spent most the afternoon downstairs on the ocean floor.. by the end of the day… Daydream Believer was nicely bobbing along on her “private” mooring.

With a week of just ‘work’ it was time for some conventional vacation activities.. cruising over to Jost Van Dyke, we visited the famous Soggy Dollar Bar.. a cruise ship from France was in port, making it very busy and fun! After a couple pain killer drinks we upped the ball and cruised to Gillians island.. A deserted island to ourself, we had some fun crab races.. in which Owen won everytime.. Brendan kissed the winning crab, although the crab wasn’t too happy about it.

Bbq’ing along, we made our way to Cane Garden bay, for an awesome onboard meal of Chicken and Veggies! (impressive eh!)

Over the the bar, our friend Brian was just finishing his music set for the night.. we cheered him back on stage for a few more songs.. Our new found friend ‘Arrrr’ the dog followed us all night, up on stage, and even for a visit on the boat!IMG_20141215_164304IMG_20141215_171314IMG_20141215_171603

Our last day here for final mooring ball adjustments, and a couple more maintenance items! Tomorrow we will be in a tin can at 38000 feet heading north! The time sure flys!

Have a great Day!



Sailing the Islands

We’re off the Dock!!

Finished oil change’s, final rigging, some cleaning :) and provisioning.. Made it just outside the breakwall when… BANG.. We all looked at each other.. hummm… Brendan was sent down below to have a look..

“Timbo.. there’s a hell of a lot of water coming in!”

Ok… let’s have a look.. Ahh.. refrigerator heat exchanger just blew in half.. cooling water coming in big time..

Test Bilge Pump – Check

Up the sail, and shutdown the motor.. leak stopped as expected.. beautiful sail to Trellis bay.. sailing into the harbour we see our friend John Hamilton motioning to a private ‎mooring ball beside him.. 2 minutes later were all swimming..

Happy hour with John and Heather, and some social gatherings at the last resort.. great night!

First job of the morning – bypass the heat exchanger for the fridge.. 10 minutes later we start the engine.. no cooling water out the exhaust.. hummmmm Pulling the hose off the exhaust elbow we start the engine.. tons of water.. ok problem in the elbow.. Grabbing a scuba tank, we blow high pressure air into the exhaust.. nothing.. plugged.. 10 mins later we have the exhaust elbow off and quickly see the problem.. carboned up solid.. Off to shore for breakfast and some cleaner.. just heading back to the boat now… stay tuned.. 99.99999 percent sure we have it fixed.. Next up.. mooring ball construction!

Weather is awesome.. little rain as reported from Parker and his outside bed.

Have a Great Day!!




Day Dream Believer Launch

We made it to the beautiful British Virgin Islands!

Owen, Parker, Brendan and Timbo had a long journey, even at 500 mph this place is SOUTH!!

We traveled in a Truck, Van, Plane,Plane,Cab,Cab,Ferry,the hike! Lots of laughs along the way, everyone enjoying themselves despite the ‎whip Timbo has on them with the boat worklist!

Launch was easy.. we had some trouble finding the boat.. seems someone was playing hide and seek with us… eventually we found her! Few extra jobs added so far.. cooling water to the motor is not good.. dingy motor has same issue.. also no running water on board!

Ha.. always a few items to look after.. lots of extra hands to help out is much appreciated!

Rigging the sails today, we always have a ton of people asking how it works! This boat is more like a windsurfer than a sailboat, gets some attention! Plan to take a break today and go to the Baths.. nice spot for a swim in the ocean!

Well back to work !

Have a Great Day!




Dingy Blues

Well our Dingy sure got a good beating all year…  Sitting unprotected in Ultra high UV’s…   Sprayed with Salt daily…  never flushed with clean water…. But… she always got us where we needed to go…  I couldn’t imagine how many hours we have on that engine.. it was used pretty much every single day…  and I didn’t put a cent into it.

Dumping her onto the front lawn with Winter on us, isn’t the nicest payback is it??   I think we’ll put mr. 18hp in the garage and store the raft somewhere protected….   Poor Dingy…



Happier times for the Dingy!!


IMG-20140628-00474 IMG-20140629-00478 IMG-20140629-00476 IMG_5431 IMG_5181 P1030220 IMG_4482 IMG_4464 P1030065 P1030070 P1020333 P1020275 P1010366 IMG_1319 IMG_1571


Mac Race 2014

Well good news is we made it back from Mackinac !!!

Bad news is we ended up with a DNF in the race…   but before that, we had some good news!

A slow start had us in 18th place of 18 boats..  Only getting the boat a week prior to the race had the crew very green..  Also the only front sail (jib) that we had to use was from the previous boat, and just 3.5 feet short!!!!  ok.. enough excuses.. we had a slow start! :)

In the first 12 hours we were able to pick off more than half the boats..  up to 8th place!  Not bad eh!   Front runners were in sight, this is certainly a Fast Fast Boat!

At about 2am….Timbo was off shift trying to get some sleep down below… the boat was cruising over 8 knots all night…

When all of a sudden…. :)

We were quickly awoke to the boat being dragged sideways through the water,  and soon after the sound of the spinnaker exploding..   hummm.. guess thats the alarm clock… All Hands on Deck..

It was a gruesome sight arriving on deck…  sail material everywhere..   lines in the water..  Crew were fairly quiet, knowing exactly what must be done…  get the sail back onboard before it get tangled up with the underside of the boat..

Knives at work, the shredded sail was shredded some more and brought back onboard..   No one hurt, Jib sail deployed and we continued on.

Morning brought some bad news, the halyards for the remaining sails were compromised and it was unsafe to continue on without going up the mast for a good look sea.

The decision was to turn around  :(

Well, that didn’t stop many of the crew from making it to Mackinac..

Planes were deployed, as were ground crew vehicles and the end of race Party continued as scheduled…

Wasn’t the finish we wanted, but for only getting the boat a week before the race, we proved she has lots of potential with more prep work.

Getting excited for a sailing trip to the North Channel in a couple weeks…    It’s supposed to be better cruising than the caribbean!

Have a Great Day!


Chuck and Sully Singing us Home

Allie goes for a dive off the back of WhiteRiver to retrieve SunGlasses
Allie goes for a dive off the back of WhiteRiver to retrieve SunGlasses
Here's where the crew sleeps when racing
Here’s where the crew sleeps when racing

Brian and Big D

Crew donated to keep his pants on this trip
Crew donated to keep his pants on this trip

Flying the kite Look mom no hands Mac Party

Ryan Robin Mary and Timbo
Ryan Robin Mary and Timbo

John makes it in the Pic

Nikki and Bryan arrive on island
Nikki and Bryan arrive on island

Mac Party Band - Endless Summer Mac Party




Sideline Marina Jobs

Well the year on the water is starting to pay off..  for Allie anyway…

After putting in a full shift at a local Car detailing shop.. she returned home to help out on the race boat (2 days to go!)

Standing up on the bow I asked her to tie a bowline knot on the cleat for our safety harness lines (jack lines)..

Just as she started to move up to the bow, a group of guys showed up..  They were out for dinner, returning to their 70′ mega powerboat..

They overheard our conversation and in a happy mood they suggested one of their crew could do it better than Allie, as they had just taught him that knot this morning.

Smiling, I agreed this would be a good test of his skills….  Leading him onto the boat and up to the bow, the contest was about to begin…

Now there’s no reason to just test each other’s skills without a little wager..  Im pretty sure the crew was well off.. Their smallest bill was $100 bucker…    So bets were laid…

Soon enough we discovered their crackerjack star had forgotten the knot,  and  Allie had the jack lines secure..  This wasn’t quite good enough.. ..  The knot was undone, and retied with her hands behind her back.. :)

So.. up $120.00, next job was sunglasses recovery…

Scuba gear snapped on..  a quick dive surfaced with the lost glasses… and another mitt of cash in her hands..

Revenue Canada will be looking for the tax on that one Allie!

Our Racing guest from St. Thomas USVI showed up today.. Brian…

He’s used to driving on the left hand side, so we figured he would be a natural to drive the Automax right hander Honda truck..   oops..

He doesn’t fit too well, does he?   Seats all the way back!! ha

Race boat is RaceReady as is the Crew…  wish us luck!

Sea ya in Mackinac… and oh ya..  Have a Great Day…


IMG-20140709-00520:7:10:2014 IMG-20140710-00524:7:10:2014 IMG-20140710-00525:7:10:2014